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We invite you to take a part in a course in Gnosis. Gnosis is a Greek term meaning "direct intimate knowledge" or knowledge through experience. It is the study of the Great Mysteries of life, death, the self and the laws of the universe. Its basis is in the perennial wisdom that has existed within all cultures, schools and religions throughout human history. The keys within Gnosis help us to understand the principles of nature, human psychology and what may lie beyond. It is the path of liberation, of self-knowledge and universal knowledge...

Gnosis is best defined by the word "Gnostic": the one who studies and lives Gnosis. Gnosis is an illuminated knowledge, a salvific knowledge that saves from ignorance the one who comes to know himself.

Topics include:

The Mysteries of Life and Death

The awakening of consciousness

Origin of Man

The Tree of Life

Law of Karma and Dharma

Evolution, Involution and Revolution

Astral Travel


...and many others topics.

Each class consist of theoretical study - lecture and practical study - meditation.

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Introduction to Gnosis

Mira and Marc

You are invited to this free introduction to Gnosis. The gnostic knowledge wants to lead us to the discovery of our inner hidden nature and causes for our life. It can expand to understand the experience of life itself and even takes us beyond the event of death and mysteries of creation. topics in the studies are: The Human Machine: Study of ourselves; Mind, Emotion, Movement, Instinct, Sexuality. How to achieve balance in our lives and solve personal problems and stressful situations. The Ego, Essence & Personality: The conscious & mechanical elements within the human personality. Evolution, Involution & Revolution: The laws of nature, the journey of the soul. Return, Recurrence & Reincarnation: See our lives as successive existences. Destiny & Fate. How to free ourselves from repetition in life & mind. Cause & Effect/ Karma & Dharma: Explanation of the law of Karma and Dharma. Every action has an equal reaction. The Science of Meditation: Understanding the purpose of meditation and effective techniques. Breathing and pranayama. Astral travel: becoming conscious of the inner worlds. External life & internal life. Living in the world of symbolism, developing creative imagination & many further Gnostic studies.

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Mira and Marc


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