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Are you curious about holistic breast health and/or are currently dealing with imbalances such as fibroadenomas? Are you looking for a way to heal holistically and wondering if it can actually be done?

I’ll share my story how I’m currently healing my 12 fibroadenomas and tumor (yes, it can be done). We’ll discuss a variety of topics on breast and women’s health:

-What protocols I’ve tried, what’s worked and what hasn’t
-What foods to eat and stay away from
-Ayurveda, Holistic Nutrition, Herbalism
-Herbs, supplements, adaptogens, balms and oils
-Resources: books, podcasts, healers, doctors
-Tools to help reduce stress and inflammation
-How to balance our hormones and reduce PMS symptoms (signs that things are out of
-Why healing starts with our gut
-My favorite tools for healthy skin and hair (what you put on your skin plays a huge part
in breast health)
- How to read your body’s signs and what it’s trying to communicate

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