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Have you read about the Italians that broke out of a Prisoner of War camp in Kenya to Mount Kenya - and then broke back in to the prison? Do you know why 14 year old Molly and her 8 year old sister walked 1,500 miles across Australia - twice? What would you have done if Joe Simpson was hanging off the end of your rope(!?). What was Douglas Mawson being poisoned by when they were living off their huskies to survive? Fancy spending months living in a snow hole in the Antarctic eating only penguins and seals? Who, in 1969, was about to win the first solo, non-stop, around the world sailing race...but then decided to keep on going and not come home to claim fame and fortune? Could you survive over a year drifting across an ocean in a fishing boat after your engine breaks in a storm? Can you remember how many weeks the Chilean Miners were trapped underground for? Maybe you fancy being Naked and Marooned with Ed Stafford? Or would prefer A Walk in the Woods with Bill Bryson.

The Adventure Book Club is aimed at people who like reading books about true story adventures, disasters and survival...followed by a drink in the pub to have a chat about them after. You don't even need to have read the book - if you turn up someone else will be happy to tell you about it and you can discuss your own tales of adventure as well as upcoming plans and perhaps find a few like-minded adventure buddies too.

Discuss true tales of adventure and survival...in the pub.

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