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“If Liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear!”

George Orwell

“ Neo take the Red Pill and I’ll show you deep the rabbit hole goes”

From The Movie-The Matrix

Time for the Great Awakening! Did you know that the term, “Conspiracy Theorist” was invented by the CIA to delegitimize any alternative views and has become a derogatory title used to dismiss critical thinking. If you suspect that not everything we are being told by the mainstream media is true, then this is the Meet up for you! This is a chance to share your views, news and research in a fun, friendly and non-judgmental setting. We welcome and respect all opinions thus allowing us to teach each other! We will explore the truth behind:

The Corona Virus/Vaccines & The Medical Institute/Big Pharma
Secret Governments and The Deep State
Banking Fraud
False Flags
The Political Divisiveness in our Government
Human Trafficking and The Massive
Worldwide Peodophile Ring/ Jeffery Epstein “Sucide”
The Illuminati and the One World Government
The Vatican
The British Crown
The Secret Space Program- Is NASA a Charade?
And much much more

Have you ever wondered why there is poverty, racial, cultural and religious divisions? Why we go to war, why there is so much crime and why we never seem to get out of debt.We have always accepted these as just the ways of the world or that it is human nature to self destruct. We were wrong! You are not a criminal or a racist! I am not a criminal or a racist! So it is not “Human Nature” that is the cause of all this conflict in the world. It is criminals that got more power than criminals should never have! They came in quietly and secretly to eventually control everything and flees,We The People of our health, wealth and livelihood!

They rose to the top of:

Media Companies- to control our news
Movie and TV studios- to control our entertainment
Bank and Financial Institutions- to control our money
Religious Institutes-to control our spirituality
Governments of the World-to control our movements
Agricultural Companies-to control our food supply
Medical Institutions-to control our health
Pharmaceutical Companies-to control our medicines

Join our group of concerned and awakened citizens as we uncover and expose these criminals and their crimes against humanity!

Your Host: Apollo

Apollo has 30 years of research and experience in Secret Government, Metaphysics and the UFO phenomenon

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