How to Create a Six-Figure Passive Income with Airbnb, New York Webinar

Needs a location


We are really excited to start this group and having you grow exponentially.

Our first meeting to get the fun started is going to be online. We want to warm up the engines!

We're looking forward to connecting with all entrepreneurs, Real Estate Investors, AIRBNB Hosts, Property Managers, Passive Income Enthusiast out there in New York and surrounding areas!
Let's have an amazing and productive evening sharing knowledge and experiences in the local market!

During our meeting, we'll talk about:

What are the Best Areas to maximize revenue for a Short Term Rental Business in New York?
Which are the type of properties that allow you to maximize revenue in New York?
What can you learn about seasonality in New York to push your business forward?
Why Additional Insurance? How to apply it to your business?

There's a lot to share and we are looking forward to your participation to have an amazing evening! This online event is FOR FREE

It will be on Tuesday, September 24th, 2019. At 7 pm EDT.

Please, register to the webinar by accessing the following link:

We hope that Soon we'll be able to host an actual meeting once we have a venue, and everything organize.