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This group is being created for anyone who would like to come out and take a break from everyday life. We will be experiencing a variety of activities from Breakfast to Rock Climbing.
I hope this group provides a place where everyone feels safe and comfortable. Create new friendships! Support one another... especially on those bad days. We all have them.

Is your Wish List: Walks, Drinks, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Bowling, Golfing, Movie, Board Games, and more)

Age Group: 30s 40s 50s (Ideally)

1 - Please ensure that your picture is posted on your profile so we are able to locate one another at events. Any new profiles will not be approved if a picture is not present.

2 - Please make sure your first name is your user name.

3 - Please RSVP to events, as the Organizer must be able to book tables, lanes, etc for the event in question.

4 – All members are to respect one another. Everyone should feel free to come out and join other members without reservations.

5 – This group is NOT a dating group. Please do not join and email various members on the group because you like their profile picture. Such behaviour will not be accepted and you will be removed from this group. Everyone needs to feel comfortable and safe!

6 – Various events will require prepayment to be made, please be prepared for this as if payment is not made your spot will not be reserved.

7 – The success of this group depends on everyone coming out and enjoying themselves. The first step is always difficult, but that is why we are all here. “We are all in the same boat.”

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