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Milky Way Excursion to Coquina Beach

Milky Way Excursion to Coquina Beach


This field trip is dependent on the weather.

Photographing the Milky Way isn't as tough as it seems. It just requires the right equipment and patience. Foto Dono will be hosting a field trip to Coquina Beach in Bradenton to photograph the Milky Way. Trying to shoot at that location does have its challenges, mainly because of light pollution. However, most of the shooting will be at the beach.

The main goal for the field trip is to provide an experience in creating a single shot exposure or multiple exposures for stacking of the night sky. The next step is to render in post-production with Lightroom, Photoshop, or other editing software.

Arrive at around 2:30 AM. We will meet at the South Boat Ramp.

Weather - This event is dependent on the weather. Clouds and rain make visibility inferior. I’ll make a final decision to shoot or not shoot about 24 hours before I head out.

Timeline for Sunday Morning:

12:11 AM Moon Set

2:30 AM Arrive

4:34 AM Galactic Center visibility ends

6:22 AM Sunrise

Dono should be there by 2:00 AM.

Equipment - Bring an ILC system with fully charged batteries. Bring your widest angle lens with a 2.8f/stop or faster. You'll need a very sturdy tripod and a remote switch for your camera. Keep in mind this is depending on the weather. So come prepared; bring a flashlight, one that emits red light. Don't forget the bug spray!

In this workshop, we will cover • Exposure • Composition • Use of Lenses • Subject Development • Creative Thinking • Shooting in Low Light • Long Exposures.

Fee: $49 - You can also pay at the store or the morning of the shoot.

Refunds - A refund will be issued, if canceled. However, there are no refunds if the Milky Way isn't visible due to cloud cover. The excursion is a low light field trip with an opportunity to photograph the Milky Way.

Any questions call Dono (727) 741-1819 or email him at

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