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The SGG is primarily created to bring people together for spiritual growth. Each session starts of with 12 minutes of group meditation. Mindfulness is equally as important, and is an option for those first 12 minutes. (Feel free to bring your smartphones and headphones for this part of the group meeting). After this session we will open the floor up to anyone who wants to share about their spiritual journey. Whether it is about what you just experienced or the things that have helped you on your path-books, youtube videos, gurus, seminars, etc. The SGG welcomes any adult, religion, gender, race, etc. Discussion about anything including religion is encouraged as long as it comes from a place of sharing. For example, "This is what I experienced" or "This is what helped me" type of attitudes are welcome. Telling others what to believe or arguing about spiritual truths are not tolerated. I look forward to meeting you and hearing some of your helpful spiritual wisdom.

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Spiritual Growth Group

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