What we're about

Put on your big girl and boy panties, this group is not for the faint of heart.

‘Drunken Philosophers’ invite any and all perspectives, from the religious to the atheist, the donkey and the elephant, the free-thinker, the new age, conservative or LGBTQ. ERRBODY. If you have an opinion, you are welcome. Get a drink in your hand and lets banter, debate, laugh, expand and ultimately evolve into operating with a new intention: to listen and glean deep understanding of our diversity. If we all thought and believed the same way our world would be a dismal, linear, bland existence. How boring. Change only comes through moments of discomfort. To live in a world were we learn to listen, agree to disagree or even shift our paradigms is a fierce place of healing and growth.

Who knows? You could find your voice, elevate your level of compassion or have your mind blown completely.

Here is the low-down:

New 'philosophers' will write down one topic that they believe needs to be addressed and will be picked randomly at the end of each meeting for the next meet up. During our time away, study to show yourself approved. I also suggest you take a look at all sides of the argument. Yours truly will mediate the discussion and at the end, shake hands to solidify that unity is our ultimate goal. Their is no topic that will be untouched. Hold on to your butts.


There MUST respect, not matter how hot the topic.
—There will be absolutely NO name calling or hate speech, and if anything escalates beyond civil adult conversation, you will be removed indefinitely.

You MUST be responsible about your alcohol consumption during this meet, belligerency is prohibited.

You MUST allow others to share their perspectives, however in no way do you have to accept them as your own.

This is going to be lit

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