What we're about

"The World will Be Saved By The Western Woman"

'Dalai Lama 2009'

Wise Optimistic Women


We Are Mind, Body & Soul

We Sense & Feel It

Mind - Our Personal Mind created via our Thoughts & Beliefs & Experiences

Body - The Form We Move Around In

Soul - The Formless Energy that lives within

Like Minded Women Are Connecting, Networking, Socialising & Creating Positive Communities

We Are Sharing, Learning, Supporting, Nurturing, Giving, Receiving, Exchanging Talents & Skills

We Are Passionate about Inspiring Each Other To Live with Love, Light & Laughter

With this in mind we are going to be hosting meet ups with a focus on Mind, Body & Soul

The True Nature of Mind, Thought & Consciousness, Health & Well-Being, Our Spiritual Nature, Beauty Inside & Outside, Visualisation & Meditation, Personal & Spiritual Development, Inner Wisdom & Intuition, Love & Relationships & Living With Ease

When A Woman Show Up With Her True Nature She Can Achieve Great Things Bring A Group Together and Women Can Create Miracles just like Dalai Lama says.

We as Women have been going through a transition within the last 75 years and here in 2015 we have a New Age, no longer do we have Girl Power We have Feminine Power that can change everything for ourselves and for others.

Just from this moment and having the access to be able to organise this meet up to Gather Like Minded Women whose Souls are Searching for Connection & Creative Collaborations the truth is we cannot do it alone we were never meant to.

One thing I do know for generations women have held Families & Communities together with their Feminine Energy, Love & Wisdom.

When a woman cooks everyone at the table gets fed not just by the food that is put on the table also by the conversations that Heal & Inspire those sitting at the table.

Not seen on the menu are the hidden ingredients the sharing of her realisations, insights & lessons she has experienced as she travels through life. Using her intuition as her guide she will speak words that change something in some way.

There are times in life when life's circumstances create situations where we stop listening to our Intuition & we no longer trust what's within. When our lives are out of balance we do not nourish ourselves or others there are times when life turns upside down and everything changes, there are times when we are really hurt & sad, there is strength in each and everyone of us even at times when we do not think there is.

We may

• Begin to believe things about ourselves that prevent us from being in life

• Criticise ourselves & feel insecure

• Become negative with our thinking

• Feel something is missing although we are not sure what that is

• Become isolated & alone

• Say Yes when really we mean No

• Feel undervalued & resentful

• Be afraid

• Be relationships that do not serve us

• Lose our confidence

• Become angry

• Lack self-esteem

• Lose our support system

• Forgotten about ourselves

• Lose our identity

• Looked for love in all the wrong places

• Be chained to a past that we cannot break free from

• Know the value of coming together with others

We have all experienced a time in our lives when we have received & given nourishment when the table has been rich with soul food when the conversation & energy has flowed from us to others and in many different ways and we've also experienced being starved of what we needed.

Well Wise Optimistic Women I know that you are out there and all I ask is Trust Your Intuition…If you are not feeling Positive & Optimistic there is plenty to share come to the table and feast We will Live, Laugh & Love it is time for True Liberation When We finally See Our True Selves As We Are Waking Up To The True Beauty of Women & the different that each of us makes

When Mind, Body & Soul is nourished We Dance Through Life with Vitality

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