What we're about

We are NOT your ordinary group of "Christian" people. Let me get this out of the way first. What we DO NOT DO:
We DO NOT go around shoving Religion down People throats. We DO NOT hand out Religous Tracks. We DO NO stand on a street corner screaming you are going to Hello!!! We DO NOT sit and quote Bible Scripture! We DO NOT JUDGE if you do all of the above, but if you are called to do all of the above, that is your calling not ours. What we do:
We are a group that knows that Ordianary People Can Do Extra Ordianary Things. Letting Jesus Shine Through Us ... actions and kind words. We believe in Prayer and Anointing. What are you called to do? Don't know? Well... come hang around us, we chat and talk about what we are doing as individuals and what we can do as a group. We just share our stories. We are Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

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CRAFT FAIR at the Farm

Long and Scott Farm

Firefighters, First Responders, Police, and Military

Hilton Gardens Inn Apopka City Center

Salute to Veterans at Scott’s Farms

Long and Scott Farms

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