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For those people who actually want to make films rather just than just talking about it.

Every month you can start to make films and not just talk about it. You will learn from industry professionals whilst making films you can be proud of. What's more, you will receive a credit for your part in that film.

Join our network for free right now and soon you could be making films once a month and accruing IMDb credits.

We will supply the location, script, props, insurance and all the equipment for you to use. You will learn how to behave on set and what each role does in a relaxed and forgiving environment. This experience is invaluable if you want to further your film career or are just interested in making films.

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Jonathon Commits - 2-Day Short Film Shoot

Hi All Our members chose the script "Jonathan Commits" as the film that we will be shooting in June. It is a tense thriller with an interesting twist. The shoot is happening on the Sat 8th & Sun 9th June 2019 in Sutton, Surrey. If you are already a member of the wemakefilms.net site, you can read and download the script at https://www.wemakefilms.net/jonathan-commits/. However, if you are not a member (you can join for free), you will not be able to access the details. But here are some outline details. Jonathan Commits Written By Adrian Dean Jonathan wants to 'off' himself but is interrupted by an anonymous caller. Kind regards Paul Howard

Directing the Action Workshop


This one day workshop with the highly experienced, award-winning Film Director and Film Making tutor, Doug Rollins, will provide insight and inspiration, along with a professional overview of the complex and demanding job of being a professional screen director. The course will be challenging but beginners and advanced will all gain tips, tricks and skills and advance their knowledge base and skill level. The course will help to discover the reasons why you want to be a director, what you think you need, know and reveal if you think you are cut out for the challenge of a rigorous shoot. The price for this amazing workshop is just £110. However, all your membership workshop discounts apply. To see what workshop discounts will apply to you https://www.wemakefilms.net/membership-levels/. To book this workshop go to https://www.wemakefilms.net/directing-the-action-workshop/

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A Better You - 2-Day Short Film Shoot


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