What we're about

Imagine if you actually achieved what you always wanted what ever that may be. Made that career change, launched that business, wrote that novel, lived a bigger life – how amazing would that be?

DrivenWoman is a members’ network that helps women define their own success, become accountable to their goals and make dreams happen. We get together once a month to create positive habits and put plans into action, one small step at a time.

DrivenWoman's LifeWorking method

This is where networking meets life coaching, but this time your coaches are other women sharing their journey. Each month women support each other in a safe and honest environment. It's a community that encourages women to believe anything is possible if you are ready to put work into it!

JOIN one of our LifeWorking™ Introduction Workshops for £20.54 (usual price £27.54) when you use our Meetup Member Discount Code FAB at the checkout.

In this 2-hour interactive session you undertake LifeWorking exercises that will support you to:

• Articulate what you want to achieve – what does your ‘bigger life’ look like?
• Set your long-term goal and short-term tasks, and break them down into tangible, achievable action points.
• Share and be inpired by the stories of other like-minded women.
• Get a sense of clarity of your journey ahead, be it to start your own business, take your career to the next level or simply to become more comfortable in your own skin.

You will also learn more about DrivenWoman. However, there is no requirement to commit to join DrivenWoman afterwards. DrivenWoman is about encouraging everyone to make things happen!

What our members say

After only a couple of months members notice a tangible change in their lives, here's what some of our members say:

"Since joining DrivenWoman, I have got more done in three months than what I got done in the previous year. It has been an eye-opening experience, super inspirational and most importantly it has got me focused on what I really need to do." Jane De Croos, founder of Chilli Drops

"When I joined DrivenWoman I thought I was signing up for a monthly opportunity to network and interact with like-minded women, but what I didn't know was that I was embarking on a transformational journey so gentle that it has changed me without me fully realising. It is only now, after 9 months, that I can look back and see how much I have travelled, first and foremost as a woman and secondly as a professional. There is some magic that happens when we get together to offer each other a supportive space where a story can be told - both the act of listening and being listened to opens up doors of opportunities within oneself and new routes for one's journey appear. With DrivenWoman, I got what I signed up for. And so much more." Francesca Lando, Designer

“DrivenWoman has been a life-changing experience for me." Natalie Davison Director of Swell Communications

DrivenWoman Scotland is a new 2018 addition to the dynamic group of DrivenWomen who meet regularly around the world (in London, Helsinki, Zurich, Singapore and Auckland to name but a few). We are initially launching in Edinburgh but will be starting groups in other locations across Scotland. All new members must attend an introduction event before joining a monthly group. We offer 6 or 12-month memberships and you can join in any month suitable for you. Membership packages are available for 6 months (£220) or 12 months (£390). The fee covers the attendance at the Monthly Members’ Meetings and 25% discount on other DrivenWoman events, such as workshops and seminars.

For more information please visit the membership page on our website or email Katie and Liza (drivenwomanscotland@gmail.com).

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