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New Years Weekend Cabin Trip
Ring in the new year up north on a hiking, cross country skiing, or downhill skiing trip at a secluded cabin on Higgins Lake. We'll meet Saturday December 29th for 3 nights at an airbnb on Higgins Lake. (It's optional to stay for all 3 nights, but Saturday December 29th, Sunday December 30th, and Monday December 31st (New Years Eve), are all reserved. The total cost is $25 per person for all 3 nights if we fill the cabin. (The price will go up slightly if we don't fill it, but we filled it last year!) There are enough beds for 34 people, plus a few couch/floor spots. This trip is set up so that everyone can come and go at the cabin, and do whatever activities that you'd like in smaller groups. I put together an itinerary that the group can follow, feel free to do part of it, or just meet us for dinner in the evenings instead. Many hiking, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, and tubing options are all available near the cabin. These include: Hartwick Pines State Park , the Mason Tract Pathway , cross country skiing headquarters in Roscommon , cross country or downhill skiing at Hanson Hills in Grayling , Wakely Lake foot travel area, , Cleary Hill, the Marl Lake trail, and an abandoned ski hill near Grayling for tubing, so bring a tube if you want to go! The earliest that we can check into the Airbnb (cabin) is at 4 pm on Saturday December 29th, so feel free to show up then or meet on Saturday December 29th at 9:30 am at the Cross Country Ski Headquarters in Roscommon to rent skiis and do some cross country skiing. (approx. $30 for the weekend to rent skis.) We'll then head over to the Mason Tract to ski there, and if time we'll ski part of the Wakely Lake trails. The ski headquarters also has trails if you'd rather ski there. On Sunday December 30th, we can ski or hike the trails at Hartwick Pines, and then some of us can head to the breweries that are close by. (Dead Bear Brewing Company and Paddle Hard Brewery ) On Monday, December 31st, we'll head to an old ski hill near Grayling to do some tubing, try some downhill skiing at Hanson Hills in Grayling, (a very cheap and beginner friendly ski place), explore some trails at Marl Lake or at Cleary Hill. For dinner Saturday and Sunday, feel free to cook at the airbnb, which has a full kitchen including a stove, microwave, refrigerator, dishes/silverware, and a coffee maker. On New Years Eve, we'll have a large potluck for everyone. (We can also have a potluck the other nights too if we have extra food). Please post in the event what you'd like to bring for the potluck. We'll also have a champagne toast at midnight (Included in the $25 sign up fee.) The cabin is fully furnished, (minus pillows, bed sheets and blankets, so please bring a blanket or a sleeping bag, along with a pillow and sheets.) There's a large room with plenty of tables and chairs to ring in New Years, 5 bathrooms, and another large room with a fireplace and couches. The place is on 40 acres right on Higgins Lake, where you can also hike on the nearby trails on the property. There's plenty of room to play board and card games. Please bring games if you have them. (Cards Against Humanity, Settlers of Catan were favorites but if you have something fun please bring it!) There's also wifi for anyone without service. Check out time is at noon on Tuesday January 1st. Please paypal or send a check for $25 to reserve your spot for the trip. Message me for payment details. Thanks !

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New Years Cabin

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Join the group for hiking, backpacking and kayaking trips in northern Michigan. Weekend backpacking trips include the Porcupine Mountains, Pictured Rocks, Manistee River trail, Jordan valley trail, North Manitou island, North Country trail, and Isle Royale. Weekend kayaking trips include the sturgeon, manistee, boardman, platte, au sable, 2 hearted, manistique and the pine. Weekend day hiking trips, (on the weekends when backpacking or kayaking trips aren't scheduled), include parts of the Jordan Valley Pathway, Shingle Mill Pathway, North Country Trail, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Nordhouse Dunes, Hartwick Pines, Sand Lakes Quiet Area, and areas of the U.P. I'd also like to do some local small hikes or winter activities during the week after 5 pm, if there is enough interest. I also organize some snowshoeing and cross country skiing winter weekend trips.

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Core Values

•Spirit of adventure- We carry this in our heart always.
•Individuality- Feel free to be yourself, without any judgments.
•Determination- We use this to get through any challenges that we may face along the way.
•Relaxation- We come to relax, and to enjoy our time in the wilderness.
•Resilience- We weather the storms and any unknown elements that we may face along the way.
•Adaptability- Adapting to challenges that may arise help us to grow and to not fear the unexpected.
•Discovery- The sense of discovery is always within us.
•Respect- Always respect ourselves and respect others.
•Diversity- We can learn from each other, we are all unique.
•Ambition- This describes our strong desire to push ourselves when we need it the most.
•Safety- Be safe at all times, and help each other if we are injured.
•Encouragement- Offer this to others who may need it, and give this to ourselves when we need it.
•Environment- Respect and help protect the environment.
•Equality- This defines our relationships with each other.
•Exceed Expectations- Set new personal goals and strive to exceed them.
•Exploration- We set off to explore the places that we haven't seen, and to revisit the places which inspire us.
•Solitude- This creates inner peace and a feeling of being part of the wilderness.
•Open-Minded- Be open minded to changes and to new challenges.
•Perseverance- We persevere through the unknown obstacles in our way.
•Thoughtful- We remain thoughtful of others and to their personal space.
•Friendship- We seek this on our adventures, and we hope to develop lasting friendships.
•Cooperation- This helps us to remain cohesive and focused.
•Courtesy- We offer whatever we can do to help each person.
•Wonder- Our sense of wonder is an important element in our quest for adventure.

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