What we're about

If you have an open-mind and a curiosity about our connection to extraterrestrials, spirituality, and intergalactic knowledge, come check this out!
Our meetup 👽UFO/Extraterrestrial Contact👽 is bringing together those who are curious about extraterrestrial contact and raising our vibration to make first contact with other intelligent lifeforms.

Why join our amazing group 👽?
Our community gatherings are a great place to share. We want members who wish to gain understanding in:

Processing Emotions
Simultaneous Existences
Parallel Realities
UFOlogy, Paranormal, and Supernatural Phenomena
Ancient Earth/Cosmic History
Human Agreements
Nature of Physical Reality
Turning Challenges into Success
Realizing Purpose
Self Empowerment
Expanding Consciousness
Unlocking Latent Gifts
Gaining New Outlook
Dissolving Limiting Beliefs
Letting Go of Patterns
Connecting to your Higher Self
Preparing for First Contact
Personal Alien Encounters
Art of Allowing

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The Lion’s Gate Gathering 888

United Methodist Camp


Embark on a 4 day and 4 night adventure into the Sacred Land of Mount Shasta! Embrace the heights of summer in an immersion of play, expansion, training, and pure joy! A powerful time of Ascension during the Lions Gate Portal of August and within the Crown Chakra of Mount Shasta! Join an eclectic blend of 10+ teachers from Ascension teachings, Channeling, Sound Healing, Contact, Energy Arts, Yoga, Meditation, CE-5, Ecstatic Dance, Magic, Movement, Kundalini, Meditation, Nature immersion, and Nightly Ceremony. Get in greater alignment with your calling and purpose and ride the wave of this leading edge expansion! Casey Lake (Host) - Energy Arts / Contact / Thoth Transmissions Bridget Nielsen - Ascension Diet / Contact / Lifestyle Acceleration Gita Rose - Channeling Bella of the Yahyel Civilization Patrick Haze - Contact and Silent Communication Carly Lafontaine DJ Blissai - Ecstatic Dance / Soundscapes Ryan Latrielle - Mushroom Alchemy / Ceremony / Epigenetics Jade Marcus - Yoga / Sound Healing / Crystal Bowls George Henner - Shamanic Drum Journey's and Healing Pheonix Ha - Flow / Fire Dance / Sacred Sexuality Jesus Medina - Spiritual Warrior Training / Meditation Yolanda Curtis - Yoga / Fairy Walks Enjoy the stunning location in the heart of Shasta with the epic Lakes, Rivers, Waterfalls, Redwood Forests and Mountains. Located down the street from Castle Lake and Fairy falls! We will embrace ourself amongst the elements and enjoy the beauty of the richness of nature. Engaging and Empowering Classes througout the day! Dance and Ceremony's Nightly! Healthy food to nourish the Soul. Included nightly dinners and snacks throughout the day. Register: https://www.caseylake.com/events/ Location: https://www.umshasta.camp/

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CE-5 Contact Meditation

Santa Cruz Surfing Museum

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