What we're about

Purpose of the Group: The purpose of this group is very simple. This group provides weekly activities for both mom's and their young children, so that mom's can have some where to go weekly to connect with other mom's and still have fun with their children as well.

Who Should Join: Stay at home mom's with young children who are at home with you also.

What will the events consist of: Events will consist of local activities/trips weekly, to meet up and be social with other mom's and their children, such as the Cosley Zoo, Dupage Children's Museum, Lunch outings, the local Library, Mall, etc.

Weekly Event Schedule: Our events rotate through a Monday - Friday event schedule from week to week, so that there are opportunities for everyone to come out to events based on each moms individual schedule.

We offer some weekend events throughout the year that are "Special Events." Some of those weekend events are for moms only, and some are for the whole family to enjoy! Look out for those special events on the calendar and come out and be a part!

Past events (44)

End of the Year "Virtual Holiday Party"

Online event

Moms & Kids "Virtual Fall Baking Activity"

Online event

"Social Distanced" Outdoor Honey Bee Garden Family Farm Event

Honey Bee Garden Family Farm


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