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Our Buddhist Temple located in Chinatown, Las Vegas, and is a place of prayer, meditation, learning and a refuge. If you have been curious about Buddhism, Taoism, or Native-American spirituality, the Lohan Spiritual and Cultural Center is home for meditation and education.

As Buddhism spreads westward many people are seeking alternatives to traditional Western religion. Buddhism is not a religion but an understanding and pathway to enlightenment, and a very personal relationship with your self through meditation and learning. The Lohan Spiritual and Cultural Center is a very welcoming and friendly way to start your journey, or continue your search for enlightenment and spirituality with a very well educated staff of Priests and Abbots. We offer many classes starting with an introduction class up to advanced levels, all are welcomed.

Our Abbott is Dashi Steven Baugh, also known as Dashi Chuan Sheng Shakya. The Lohan Spiritual and Cultural Center is 70% Buddhist, 20% Taoist and 10% Native American in philosophy and practice. Our lineage allows each member to explore their personal spirituality. We have many tools and processes available to us, and few restrictions. We are a mixture of three different lineages of Buddhism:
Chan (Zen) Buddhism of the Hsu Yun OrderHanmi Buddhism under Master Yu Tian JianTibetan Buddhism under Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche.
Our Taoist lineage is from Master Share K. Lew of the Complete Reality School. The Lohan Spiritual and Cultural Center is a multicultural organization. It is not necessary to abandon any existing spiritual practices or beliefs, as long as no sentient being is harmed.

The Lohan Spiritual and Cultural Center operates as a headquarters of spiritual growth and education for the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada area.

Our Mission: To work with all positive religions, learning the principles, philosophies, and spiritual traditions of all faiths and cultures.

Our Goal: To hold lectures and teachings on health, wellness and spiritual Knowledge, integrity-trust-friendship.

We are located Inside the Lohan School of Shaolin at 3850 Schiff Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89103.

Upcoming events (5+)

Spiritual Warrior

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Led by a rotation of Lohan Temple Vice-Abbots and ordained priest. We will be going over the curriculum that Dashi Steven Baugh taught for many years, covering Buddhist, Taoist and Native American philosophy.

Vipassana Sangha

Lohan Buddhist Temple

Led by Nawala Lakkana, A member of the Kanduboda International Vipassana ( Insight) Meditation Center of Sri Lanka. Please join our class if your interested in finding peace and happiness through mental cultivation. Mindfully breathing, Mindfully walking and loving kindness practice are taught in this class.

Discovering Your Path to Mind Awakening

Lohan Buddhist Temple

Led by Rev. Ivan- In this spiritual class we will discuss topics such as, awareness and consciousness, our current state of existence, reality and the big picture, freewill, Karma and reincarnation, who am I and what is my purpose, stress, relaxation and healing.

Tai Chi Chih (Ruler) By Sijo Carl Totton Level 1 and Level 2

Lohan Buddhist Temple

Lohan Temple and Lohan School of Shaolin are proud to host Siju Carl Totton From The Taoist Institute for a full day of Tai Chi Ruler. TAI CHI RULER: CHINESE HEALTH & ENERGY EXERCISES The Tai Chi Ruler (Tai Chi Chih) is China’s premier health treasure. This special internal form of energy cultivation and yoga uses slow moving postures combined with deep breathing to promote good health, longevity, and vitality. Level 1 uses a short wooden rod or “ruler”, while Level 2, Tai Chi Ruler Shen Kung, uses only one’s hands and body to promote excellent health. Excellent for all who want to improve their health, especially those who have had previous health challenges. Longevity beyond 100 years is not uncommon for practitioners of these exercises! The first session Tai Chi Ruler (uses the ruler or wand) will start at 10:00am and end 12:30pm. The second session Tai Chi Ruler Shen Gong (only uses bare hands) will start at 2:00pm and end 4:30 pm. These are considered two workshops so students can partake in both or one if they so choose. Tai Chi Rulers will be on site for sale. Pricing for attending $30 for one class or $50 for both workshops for Lohan students. $40 for one class or $60 for both workshops for non students. Tai Chi Ruler Level 1 as originally taught by Share Lew teaches a more active (yang/warm) way of energizing the entire body. It uses a short, carved wooden rod or ruler which is rhythmically moved slowly in conjunction with visual focus and breath control. It is traditionally10.5 inches in length and is held between the palms. Many years later when Share Lew began teaching tai chi ruler level 1 to the general public in workshops, he taught a revised version using slightly different movements and energy circuits. The Core System developed by Sijo Carl Totton uses a method which has combined the best elements of each into a more cohesive, comprehensive and complete set called Combined Level 1. I have also devised an especially powerful magnetic ruler with 12,800 gauss magnets embedded in each end for even greater energy and power. Level 2 is called “shen kung (gong)”, or spirit work. It is far more yin or soft/cool in its approach and acts as a perfect complement to level one. Only the bare hands are required for this level, not an actual ruler. Again, as Share Lew taught it originally one way and a different way later to the public, Sijo Totton’s combined method utilizes the best techniques from each condensed into one powerful set within the Core System.. It is recommended that the tai chi ruler exercises from levels one and two be performed almost daily to maintain good health and promote longevity, vitality, and wisdom. I learned Tai Chi Ruler levels 1-3 from Taoist Master Share K. Lew who learned them in China from the Zhao family. Although simple in appearance, the Tai Chi Ruler system is incredibly powerful and contains more complete and detailed internal information than many other complete systems of yoga, qigong, and other internal spiritual practices. Within its grasp are near immortal levels of knowledge and cultivation developed from all methods of practice: standing still, standing while moving, sitting still, sitting while moving, practice with and without tools, practice with and without a partner, and methods for standing, moving, and seated meditation. It is truly a marvelous system and a gift to the current generations from the ancient masters and immortals!

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Chanting Class

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