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This group actually has events- even if organizers can't make it (we all get busy, right!?) I will try to assign a host- feel free to volunteer!...we will do our best to keep something on the calendar and hope that a group can meet up and enjoy it!

We are open to suggestion! Feel free to post your ideas in discussion to see if there is interest, and we will set up an event and assign you as the host! We support and encourage member participation in planning/hosting! No seriously...even if only two people want to meet up- we'll post it on here!

This group is meant to be managed by the people that will actually attend events. Discussion is completely open to whatever interests you! Set up meetings if you like with others- and I will create an event so you can receive RSVPs etc. as the host to said event.

I created this group to actually have people meet up whether I can make it or not- though, I will try! This group is meant to get people connecting, making friends, and enjoying fun events that the surrounding area has to offer! ALL are welcome- if you want to show up and aren't a Merry Misfit (officially) GO FOR IT! We will welcome you! Invite a friend if you don't want to show up alone awkwardly- lets face it- it can be intimidating to walk in on a group of "strangers"-- (just let me know if there is a limit on the RSVP so we can be sure there's room!) If no limit-no need to notify...come one, come all!

Everyone is responsible for paying their own tabs etc. so the type of events will mainly focus on the ability to "pay your own way" vs me paying a down payment to hold our spot etc.

All are welcome- though ages typically range 25-40.

No shows/late RSVP drops/not participating/never attending events will probably get you removed-I'm keeping the group max at 50 people- and we want 50 people to visit the page, be involved, and show their face in person...if you can't manage that, unfortunately your spot will be given to someone else so they may have the opportunity.

For those of you that have enjoyed this group and wish to contribute, but are not able to help plan events, we do accept donations. These will be applied towards our operating costs, and help us keep this group running. Donate today! (https://secure.meetup.com/meetup-group-VgjkVELv/contribute/)

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Pinot's Palette-Wine & Painting-registration required!

Pinot's Palette

Registration required! Link below! https://www.pinotspalette.com/stlouispark/event/326417 Come and join us for a relaxing Sunday of wine and painting! The image is what will be taught/painted. Class begins at 12, but you cannot be late so I made this for 11:30- if enough people are interested, we may add on a brunch before hand! 🥂 Bottomless Mimosas 🥂 Buy your first glass and get unlimited refills!Guests enjoy a no-experience-required art class—all supplies included—directed by trained, local artists, who guide guests step-by-step through a featured painting. We ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time of this class. This allows you time to get food and/or a drink at the bar plus get comfortable prior to our class start time. Doors close 20 minutes after the class start time. Reservation fee will NOT be refunded.

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Fun at Up-Down!

Up-Down Arcade Bar

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