Unmasking our Talents through HoA Collaboration Cards

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Halloween is thought of as a children's dress up with fictional ghosts, goblins, and gargoyles -- celebrated in a whimsical way.

It's fun to laugh at all the silly costumes, but ... sometimes truth is stranger than fiction when we consider how many people wear "masks" to work every day.

Sure, it's easy to be authentic when we're in a great work environment, but what about those days when the masks get in the way of getting things done? Collaboration Cards to the rescue!

One of the most progressive and safe ways to increase collaboration (every day) lies in a small deck of cards developed by Dr. Alistair Cockburn and Soledad Pinter called Collaboration Cards.

Join us for an evening of fun and discovery as we "play" Collaboration Cards with the master himself. Alistair will be live and in-person to join the fun (can't wait to see his mask!)

We'll have extra Collaboration Card decks on hand for purchase at $10/deck or $40/5 decks (cash only, please).

Thank you to Patti Watkins, Certified Scrum Master and Independent Realtor for being our food sponsor.

Thanks to Mike and Stan from No Limit Technology and Vigo and Alessi Foods for providing the venue.

(Please see below for a photo of the facility and directional signs. The awning at the front door reads, "La Cucina Alessi." On the building, to the left of the awning, is a large number "8.")

Please watch this space for updates.