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The personality we think we are is both false, and superficial. The moment when we discover who we REALLY are is called Enlightenment.

The journey to enlightenment is the most mysterious and most rewarding adventure there is, but that journey is not for you if you want to remain in your comfort zone.

In a nutshell, to become who we REALLY are, the personality who we are NOT - our EGO - has to dissolve.

It is already dead, like a plastic flower is dead, but we are SO identified with it – believing that it is who we are – that we feel pain each time some of our attachment to ego is broken.

To function from the mind is to function from the ego. It is a little bit insane.

To function from no-mind is to function from conscious innocence. It is the wise way to be.

Our fears and desires fuel the ego. No-mind, love, surrender, and trust are keywords for innocence and wisdom.

WE are made of the stuff ‘love’ / ‘innocence’ / ‘wisdom’ – but while we’re encased in our egos, we're not in touch with what we're made of.

So, the basic task – on our journey to find ourselves – is to dissolve our attachment to ego and slip out of it.

It is simple – but not easy. You’ll need motivation. Being fed up with your life as it is now, can be a good starting point.

You will also need guidance, because you cannot lift yourself by your own bootstraps! Anything you try to do will be done by your ego, and the ego is a politician – it wants to stay in power. Many years of working with people in psychotherapy and meditation, plus a lifetime of my own search for truth, qualify me to help you on your journey.

You will need to explore your emotions, take steps to open up your heart, and develop a deep understanding of meditation. This three-pronged approach will help you escape the grip of your ego. Otherwise it can be difficult, or even impossible.

This group ‘Who Am I?’ is an attempt to establish a core-group of committed people whose mutual support will help each of its members to grow and blossom.

You are already on a soul journey, whether you know it or not. We all are!

Travelling the path with conscious intent makes the adventure immensely more exciting! It gets even juicier when we travel with like-minded others whom we learn to trust and care about – and who learn to care about us.

Head-banging with people in coffee shops just isn't going to cut it! That’s only mind-stuff, and we need to go deeper.

Have you the courage to rock your boat?

Then – to apply for membership of this group - please write a self-introduction and send it to me (the organiser) in a message. Please try to describe what you know about yourself, and say a little about your relationships. What is your search, your previous experience, and your hopes for the future?

Life is a school for discovering who we are, and life is shorter than we think.

Best not to waste any more time on superficial things that cannot last.


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