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This is a group for women looking to get unstuck, find happiness, and uncover their life's purpose.

Have you ever thought about the reason why you want the things you want? Whether it’s weight loss, the ring, or a bigger bank account, what you’re really seeking is the happiness, comfort, and security you think you’re finally going to experience when you achieve these things. But if you’re not happy now, you’ll never be happy. ‘Then’ is always, perpetually around the corner. It never comes. So, the way to real happiness is to recognize its presence in this moment. You have to be genuinely at peace, now. You have to be whole to experience wholeness. You have to be love to be loved. Your primary purpose, is to rediscover and stay aware of the current of inner Beauty, your Power. This is not a metaphor– it’s a felt experience, and when you’re aware of IT, you’re aware of being naturally joyful, whole, secure… you’re aware of being your best self. Inner Beauty is your blueprint, and the moment you remember to turn to and feel IT, you are automatically unstuck, taken out of ‘neutral’, and showing up as HER, your best self. I’m here to point you to IT... to help you remember! Join us!

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