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On September 10, 2020 this Meetup will be merged into the Awakening in the Twenty Frist Century Meetup. However, to continue in the meetup you must sign up for the Awakening Meetup which is under another URL Please go to https://www.meetup.com/AwakeningNow to register and stay connected with us.

AS of September 10th this Meetup will be deleted.

We hope you will continue to support the Meetup.

With Much love,

Rafael and Esateys

Have ever wondered or asked questions like, Who Am I? What Am I Doing Here? What Will Make Me Happy? If so, join us for a weekly hour of Self-Discovery.

This weekly 1 hour meeting is for those who are committed to knowing their ‘True’ Self. It will provide a deeper look into who you ‘Actually’ are and will provide Introspection into, ‘What IS’.

This is not about ‘fixing’ you or your Life. You have an opportunity to move beyond the ‘fix it/solution’, mindset. Our mission, awaken your innate happiness, so you can live and love with passion.

There will be Breathing, Questions, and an opportunity for Introspection.

Come with an open Heart, an Open Mind, and a desire to BE YourSelf.

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Mastering Your Inner Critic

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Mastering Your Inner Critic Have you heard the voice? In your head? “You did that Wrong” “You shouldn’t have done that” “You can’t do anything right” The voice can be toxic. It saps all of your strength, your good humor and most importantly, how you think of yourself. The voice controls everything we do. What makes it especially toxic is that most of the time we don’t even realize it is talking to us. It’s just there. We hear it but we don’t realize it’s talking smack to us. In this session Esateys will give practical tips on how to recognize that voice and how to get it to speak much nicer and more compassionately to us. You won’t want to miss this session. Bring your questions and "Ask Esateys" *********************************************************************** Meetup Host Esateys, the event presenter, is a spiritual teacher and mentor. She has spent her Life seeking and teaching True Happiness and Peace. Her Life journey has included studying the human condition through traditional and non-traditional studies. Esateys and her husband Rafael Founded the Centre for Self Discovery. The core of their work is self-awareness where their mission is to help you really know yourself because the more awareness you have about yourself the more awesome your life will be. Esateys helps people See things in their lives that are holding them back from knowing who they really are so they can live and love with passion, joy and purpose . She attended UCSD/UCLA and became a Nationally Certified Nurse Practitioner to better understand our physicality and the psychology of how our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies work together. She traveled to India several times to integrate Western and Eastern philosophy and finally found answers that were already with all of us. This journey is never over and her Heart is to help everyone find the simple way out of pain, struggle, doubt, conflict, and fear. http://www.esateys.com (Currently under re-construction) Her mission is to Empower People to Awaken to their Innate Happiness so they Can Live and Love with Passion. She is a Certified Master Facilitator, International Speaker and coach who specializes in Relationships and Mindset Mastery as the mechanism for Personal Growth, Joy and Happiness in all areas of Life.

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Multidimensional Model for Happiness

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