What we're about

ISO high IQ's, geeks, super smart for group

I'm looking to put together a group of highly intelligent people but have

been struggling with what to do with their talent.

Like the Freemason/ Illuminati elitious group which made up of

highly intelligent, super IQ individuals. I strongly believe that if you

bring smartest minds together, great things can happen.

My skill is creativity in business and marketing but that's not enough

to make things happen.

So, if this sounds like a group you can bring valuable contribution to

please contact me with brief story about yourself and your talent areas.

My goal is to gather a smaller group that meets 1-2 time per month

to brainstorm big ideas and how to make it happen.

We welcome and enbrace people with brilliant mind but may not be very good communicator or socializer. This is a place where you will not be judged but rather respected. Members will not be intimidated but given a platform to express yourself in your own unique ways.

Please only serious minds seeking to succeed should consider joining.

Past events (8)

Westside Meetup. Who's game?

Marina Grill & Bar

DTLA meetup. Let's Chat Downtown Mid LA Members!

WeWork Gas Company Tower

North Valley Meetup

Odessy Restaurant

Finally a meetup. It's been awhile.

Needs a location

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