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Love to dance? Want to meet great people? Would you like to learn Argentine Tango? This is a group for anyone interested in dancing and learning Argentine Tango. At Tango on Broadway, we have weekly group classes for all skill levels. We welcome those who have some knowledge of partner dancing as well as those who have never danced before. Our experienced teachers will get you dancing in no time. Every Friday night we have a social dance, called a "Milonga." Come join in the fun!

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Advanced Argentine Tango Class

Tango on Broadway

In this class, we will choose an advanced element to work on for each month. This class is not about patterns and sequences but rather we are focusing on learning the techniques to lead and follow the tango element effectively so you can dance in an improvisational manner with ease in the movement. You need to already know how to dance Argentine Tango and this class will help you improve and feel more confident on the dancefloor. No partner necessary. Taught by Chooi & Roman. Special Pricing: Drop-in: $10 Monthly: $30

Beginning Argentine Tango Class

Tango on Broadway

This class is geared for absolute beginners and for those who want to work on their basic fundamental techniques as well. The syllabus in this class includes the tango embrace, posture, weight shift, walk, inside & outside partner walk, 8-steps basic, forward ochos, back ochos and basic leading and following tango techniques. No partner necessary. Taught by Chooi who will get you dancing in no time! Special Pricing: Drop-in: $10 Monthly: $30

Intermediate Argentine Tango

Tango on Broadway

This is an Intermediate level class which means that you've been dancing Argentine Tango for a while now and want to work on more elaborate figures that will help both leaders and followers. We also cover milonga and vals. No partner necessary. Taught by Chooi. Special Pricing: Drop-in: $10 Monthly: $30

Total Tango by Alisa & Mike

Tango on Broadway

Mike & Alisa will teach you the concepts, skills and practice that will enable you to look and feel your best while expressing yourself through Tango. Their class presents a balanced focus between leaders and followers and is perfect for all levels and it is open to anyone who has completed the beginning class. ​ Mike & Alisa have been dancing Argentine Tango for about 20 years and they are excellent teachers. Special Pricing: Drop-in: $12 Monthly: $40

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