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Women Helping Women is a group for 50+ women who are faced with difficult, significant life changes and women who may have healed from a similar situation and want to give their support and encouragement.

We’ve all gone through hard times with divorce, financial stresses, loss, etc. Whether you are going through a hard time, or have healed and want to offer positive, loving support - this group is for you.

We will offer guest speaker nights, yoga, sound baths, breath work, a self- help book club, meditation, gratitude journaling and discussions of topics that are of interest to women over 50.

Come join us as we take this journey to give each other the inspiration and support to live a happier, healthier life. We deserve it!

❤️ Cindy & Debbie

Time, dates and location to be determined. Please send us an email at joinwomenhelpingwomen@gmail.com to let us know a little about you and what’s happening in your life so we can address your concerns. We look forward to hearing from you and forming some loving friendships in a safe environment. If someone you know is suffering please bring them along. We can all use a hug.

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