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Greetings, Valeria here and welcome to the Fit for Joy Bay Harbor Islands Fitness and Spirituality Meet Up page!

As I’ve always said “To be healthy is to be loving!” and before you sign up for this Meet Up, I have a couple of questions for you.

What is your main reason to exercise?

What gives true meaning to your life?

How can we integrate conventional fitness with spirituality?

The Fit for Joy vision challenges us to embody the "true" meaning of health in all areas of our lives.

It's about body-mind-spirit awareness and practice.

It's about kindness.

It's about having a meaningful purpose.

The gatherings are designed to nurture your body through exercise and diet education, cultivate mindfulness through meditation, to motivate and inspire you to listen to your own heart.

We come together to practice the art of living a happier, kinder and healthier life.

Fit for Joy is about being true to our hearts to create inner and outer peace.

What will happen when we meet...

Part I:


A brief opening talk about the integration of conventional fitness and spirituality. These ideas and concepts are published here on the Fit for Joy website, blog, social media, magazines and book. Duration: 5 minutes

Part II:


Guided Meditation

Duration: 5 minutes

Part III:


A brief dynamic warm-up followed by a full-body conditioning circuit.

Participants respect to their own rhythm and capabilities through a series of exercises while moving with good form.

Duration: 20 minutes (repeat exercises until the time is up)

Circuit Sample:

- 20 Jumping jacks or jump rope for 1 minute
- 5 Plank holds - (as long as you can)
- 5 Low Boat Pose - (hold each pose as long as you can)
- 20 Mountain climbers
- 20 Around the world lunges (front/back and side lunges)
- 15 Push-ups
- 20 Air squats
- 20 Glute Bridges
- 10 Triceps dips
- 40 Skaters 10 Walkouts

Part IV:


Discussion about fitness, spirituality, and diet.

Vegetarian and vegan snacks served.

Duration: 20-30 minutes

** This event is suited for people of any age and at all levels of fitness.

I'll be with joy to meet you! :)

Valeria Email: info@fitforjoy.org
Phone: 877-818-5953
Miami Beach


Fit for Joy Book: https://fitforjoy.org/book/

Valeria Teles was born in Brazil and grew up in a small town before moving to the United States. She is a certified personal trainer and winning fitness competitor with more than twenty years into fitness, both as a professional and an enthusiast. Valeria is also an author, a Buddhist and a vegetarian. Her background includes performance in dance and music. She was a rumba Flamenco dancer for Gloria Estefan’s venue in Miami. She has also written a number of songs with Brazilian and American musicians. Valeria’s first book is titled Fit for Joy: Fitness of the Heart. It’s now being considered for traditional publishing. WWW.FITFORJOY.ORG

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