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This group is for anyone on the path of spiritual awakening - whether it's all new and confusing or you've been through many ups and downs on a long spiritual journey. As the frequency on the planet increases, there are big shifts occurring on a personal and planetary scale. I started this group because many of my clients keep telling me they have no one to talk to about their spiritual awakening. When we have these big experiences that can be beautiful and magical or sometimes confusing and frightening, community is so vital to our sense of sanity and stability. Now is the time to stop playing small and to step into our true empowerment as spiritual beings. Let's get together to share our experiences, support one another, learn practices for spiritual growth, meditate, and shine our light more brightly than ever!

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Kundalini: Let's Explore this Mysterious Primordial Energy of Awakening!

Kundalini is a divine energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine until it becomes activated through spiritual practices, twin flame encounters or simply through Grace. It's often depicted as a serpent. When the Kundalini awakens, it makes its journey up through the spine, clearing away karma and the false self. This often creates major upheaval in a person's life, but also brings expanded awareness and bliss. What are symptoms of a Kundalini Awakening? Is Kundalini dangerous? Should we try to awaken the Kundalini so that we can transform into our highest divine potential? For those with activated Kundalini, what are suggested practices to help cope with the intense changes that occur through this process? Let's gather to discuss some of these questions and more. As always, this is not a class but simply a sharing of ideas and experiences.

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Let's Bring Light to Shadow Work!

Manchaca Library

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