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This is a group for anyone interested in creating something new,special and beneficial idea but he does get it done into reality as there may be various barriers ,and according to us one of the barrier may be lack of of human resources because the person who brings down the idea might have a expertise in one or two fields but for the idea to get it into reality may require many kinds of works done in respect to areas of expertise.
For instance, if a person X wants to make a magnificent music video and his/her area of expertise is singing then the music video would be incomplete as ‘X’ is good at singing and he/she requires musicians for music, professional video recorder for recording the video and so on.
So we have started this group to meetup various people not only the Idea generators but also the reality makers who would really help out in carving out the idea and also seek a benefit of the idea . So people of all skills levels and types are welcome.
Note : This group needs to assure that the members are loyal and they do not grab a wrongful advantage from the members of the group both the Idea Creators and the Reality Makers.

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