What we're about

Take action today and get things done by making yourself accountable to others in person.

We meet every 2 weeks on Sundays to learn how to make "someday" today.

“Take Action” is a group for people who have goals and dreams that they want to make a reality. Our motto is to create a space where we encourage and inspire one another to achieve our dreams. In our lives, we all have those things we have always wanted to do 'someday', so why not make that 'someday' today.

We will motivate and hold you accountable by meeting every other week to see how you're progressing. Life is short. The time is now! So stop procrastinating, wipe the dust off that bucket-list, and let's get the ball rolling!

Ideal for anyone with the goals listed below or similar

- write a book
- start a non-profit
- start a business
- make a short film and enter it in Sundance
- organize a networking event
- record an original song
- make like minded friends who are ambitious and have goals
- find love? Maybe 😊

Do you have something you've always wanted to do, but haven't gotten around to starting?

We have activities and home-work assignments that are geared towards getting us to what we want while having a great time with cool and interesting new friends.

Text message Vivek with questions, or if you get lost. 647-795-4858

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