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The purpose of this group is to facilitate gatherings of Satanists currently residing in NYC and the surrounding area, or those willing to make the journey to meet in person. Please do not join if you: a) are not in the area and are not willing to travel to meet in-person, b) do not have the intention of having in-person interactions.

This particular group is open to both theistic (traditional and otherwise) and atheistic followers of Satan-Lucifer, Kali, and associated deities / archetypes. We welcome all proclaimed followers of the path, including those who subscribe to a particular belief system within Satanism, as well as those interested in Satanism and looking to learn more and explore the path (or more appropriately: paths, given the varied tapestry of beliefs under the umbrella of Satanism).

Discussion and input from those whose path is tangential to these belief systems, but who feel they may not fit under the definition of Satanism: ex. Luciferians, Witches, etc., are also welcome.

Please note that the point of this group is not to bicker about the superiority of one system over another or to necessarily tear down the ideas of other Satanists. There are enough forces against the entirety of Satanism and so few of us as it is that to succumb to infighting at this stage would be a waste of effort and resources compared to using those energies towards productive means. Preferences are, of course, natural and discourse about what appeals to us can certainly be helpful to ascertain what resonates most deeply with us. Additionally, some strains of Satanism are inherently in conflict with others; such is the nature of the chaos that we have chosen to align ourselves with. Differences in ideology are inevitable, but I prefer that those conversations are had offline. There's a very simple solution: if you don't agree with something, make a different post about what you think instead, rather than tearing someone down. I have no problem with different posts from Satanists with different beliefs being in stark opposition to one another. Those who find your thoughts to be of interest will comment if something in your post resonates with them.

Also, use common sense when posting. The top Satanic Sin is stupidity. If it involves something that you wouldn't speak about openly at work or anything illegal, it is probably a conversation best had offline in your private sphere.

Hail Satan.

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