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If you are interested in becoming a kick-ass Android (Java), React (JavaScript), or iOS (Swift) developer, this class is for you. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!!!

$$ iOS Development using Swift and Apple’s Xcode:
We will explore all great materials in this course both paid and free, ‘to dig it out’ until we become strong programmers of the iOS mobile platform with numerous real life projects to furnish our GitHub and LinkedIn profiles, plus we get to deploy our apps on the AppStore.

$$ Android Development using Java and Android studio:
Same as in iOS classes.

$$ JavaScript Development using React js, Node js, reactNative, etc. members who choose this part will focus on web and cross platform mobile dev platforms for the rest of their Tim in the lab.

$$ UX/UI using Sketch and Adobe XD. Learn low and high fidelity wireframes, prototyping, user interface designs, design thinking, user research etc.

Class runs 3x per week!!!
Class contains 7 people only!!!
Course outlines and syllabus available with possible rich outcomes!!!
No special teacher, everyone is specially one!!!
No BS. Must love to learn coding and development to join!!!
Miss three classes or come late 3x to dropout. No excuses!!!
Lab has computers but you must come with your laptop!!!
Large television screens for coaching sessions available!!!
WiFi $ Coffee $ Conveniences available!!!

Monday - Friday 6pm - 9pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm

Monthly pass for this class is $100
Duration for each is 90days
Start date: 1st March 2020
Call for pre-enrollment!
(888) 884-8867

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iOS Development Study Group (Newark)


This is a study group for UX/UI, iOS (swift) and Android Coding classes. You must rsvp here to book your spot before coming for this lab! Come with a MacBook or whatever you were using to study iOS, Android or UX/UI Development before now. At the end of this class, successful candidates will be assisted with job search and placement by ACBstaffing. No experience required to start but must be willing to learn with group of people who are ready to help, teach and support each other until everyone has developed strong coding skills with numerous apps on GitHub, PlayStore and AppStore. If you are already coding in any of the above platforms, kindly indicate before the class as we may have other assignment for you hence this class is for complete beginners! Thursday - Friday 6pm - 9pm Saturday 10am - 4pm