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Our Camino de Santiago meetup group has been meeting since July, 2018. The motivation to start this Meetup was out of my love for the Camino and the enriching, nurturing experiences which I had been provided by being a pilgrim on the Camino. Walking through beautiful natural Wilderness landscapes as well as diverse communities, cities, villages and terrains, gathering with people from all over the world for a pilgrim meal in the evening, sharing the experience of having stepped away from the luxuries and amenities of Life at home, carrying everything you need (it's recommended not to carry more than 10% of your body weight, which is a great rule of thumb) on your back, being free to stop here and talk with a farmer for a while, hang out with a cow delivering her calf, visiting with locals and other fellow pilgrims. It is not necessary to carry camping gear as there is much infrastructure providing hostels/albergues as well as Pensions, hotels and other types of accommodation. Beds run anywhere from 5 to 10 euro per night. The evening Pilgrim meal can be anywhere from 7 to 12 euro.
It was after my third year walking that I decided to start this group in that each year I had met numerous people from our local geographic area and wanted to see what level of interest there was regarding the Camino. Our group grew very quickly and within the first year we have had at least six new folks from our group walk the Camino. Interest continues to grow. The Camino de Santiago is one of three major pilgrimages in the world. There is one to Rome, one to Jerusalem and one to Santiago de Compostela. Pilgrims have been Walking the Camino de Santiago for over twelve hundred years on much of which still exists on Old Roman roads. Walking on roads pilgrims have walked for so long looking for something unseen carries some type of wonderful heart energy. It seems to foster for many; communion with self, one's higher power and with others. The openness, honesty and shared experience fosters an immediate level of intimacy I've not encountered elsewhere, which brings me back each year. For many the Camino provides an opportunity to become no longer separate but rather a part of something greater. There are an equal amount of men and women who walk the Camino also including children, grandparents, families, Etc. Solo women walkers have consistently assured me of how safe they felt walking the Camino.
There are many, many books, movies and YouTube videos on the Camino; some of course are much better than others. There are many options for walking depending on what type of window of time and difficulty one wishes to engage in. The only direct cost for this group is the 200.00 per year required by Meetup for annual registration, which all of our members share in. Feel free to contact me or one of the other organizers for additional information. We would love to have you come out and join us, walk, share a meal and see if it's something you're interested in.

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Camino meetup walk in the woods.

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We will meet in front of the bathrooms at Conservation Park at 9:30 a.m. We will walk either a four or six mile Loop. We most often go out for lunch afterwards. I don't think we will need bug spray but just in case you may want to bring some. Of course you may want to bring some water. Looking forward to walking with you all.

Conservation Park Hike

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Looks like great weather for a nice hike at Conservation Park. Lets try to meet at the bath house before 10 AM. We should be able to hike about 5 or 6 miles with lunch maybe afterwards

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Lake Powell Clean Up 8am to 12pm

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