What we're about

What is Qi Gong? (pronounced "chee-gong, aka Chi Kung)

It's kind of like a moving yoga. It's an ancient Chinese method of using simple body movements, breathing and meditation for physical, mental and emotional healing and vitality. It's a great grandmother to Tai Chi (which was originally a martial art), but much less technical and easier to learn.

Benefits of Qi Gong

It's kind of like diet and exercise, where it just seems to improve all other facets of life. Everything seems to run better when you add in Qi Gong. Specifically it helps to relieve stress, increase energy and well being, balance moods and emotions, relieve pain and more.

Easier and More Powerful than Sitting Meditation

Sitting meditation can be incredibly powerful, but it is actually more of an advanced technique. For what most people are looking for with it, Qi Gong is a better practice for beginners and gets results much faster. Sitting meditation can take a very long time before you see any results. It builds a lot of the foundational skills for sitting meditation while also building up your energy and vitality, making it easier to transition into sitting meditation once you get deeper into it.

What Style of Qi Gong is this?

There are hundreds if not thousands of different types and styles of Qi Gong. But I've learned specifically from the Flowing Zen school. Which you Can find here. https://www.flowingzen.com .

What's the point of this group?

I've been into Qi Gong for the past few years and seen lots of benefits. I would like to share it with other people because I think it has so much to offer and how powerful it can be. Unfortunately very few people know it even exists or just how much it can benefit them. The world needs this bad. With this group I'd like to connect people together who are interested in this sort of thing and also expose more people to what it is. We'll be doing basic sessions for everyone, but Qi Gong is also very deep. For more in depth and systematic instruction people should go to the online Flowing Zen school https://www.flowingzen.com . I am not affiliated with them and receive nothing from them. I am just very passionate about their quality.

How much does it cost?

The meetup sessions are free, donations are appreciated. The world needs things like Qi Gong badly.

Where can I find more information?

The flowing zen website and blog is one of the best resources out there right now.



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