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This cannot be explained in words. The important thing is to know where ever you are consciously, spiritually, and personally now, you can move the beyond what you can imagine quickly with the care, help and Divine Grace gifted to you in just one program.

If you are ready to change, to find your way to a higher level of consciousness and to make your life an expression of that level of consciousness, we are here for you. If you are looking for an "experience" for a weekend that is not us.

​Our program is divided into three major parts:

1. The Pre Session Process has been developed to prepare you for your Shaman Yogi Session, to help you to find what you are looking for, what you want to ask for and what you want to receive. This makes your session easier on you and helps you to integrate your experience.

2. The Shaman Yogi Process. This process is different for every participant due to the needs and requirements of each person. During the process you will engage with Nature, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. And with the direct influence, guidance and sharing of the Shaman Yogi Awareness your level of consciousness will rise beyond your imagination.

3. The Post Session Protocol which lasts for up to 6 days depending on the person and their change in consciousness. The consciousness boost is so great and the clarity so pristine in each session that everyone finds great difficulty coming back to their day to day life while holding onto this new level of awareness. Above all, we do not want you to lose your new clarity and awareness you have been gifted. The Post Session Protocol includes massage, counseling, writing, recapitulation, yoga, creating a re-entry plan, support and daily spiritual processes to hone your awareness and stabilize your clarity as who you are.

Our prayer is that you will integrate your new heightened awareness into the life you love!

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