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Discover your Path to Getting Paid for the Work you Love
Got an idea of what you want to do with your life, or what your passion is, yet can't see a path towards making a living from it? If so, join us on Wednesday 28th November to discover the 3 paths to getting paid to play. Irrespective of your family commitments, motivation levels and financial situations, there is a way to exit from the world of stressful, meaningless work and enter the world of getting paid to do the work you love. You will learn; - The right time to quit your job and pursue your passion. -How to use freelancing or consultancy to free up your time and make progress with your passion. - What it takes to become an expert and get paid for your expertise. - How to design a schedule that enables you to make progress with your passion even if you're working full-time. - Whether it's possible to quit your job immediately and be successful at making a living from your passion. - How long it might take. - How many hours a week you need to be dedicating to your passion to make significant progress with it. - Discover whether you're an Adventurer, Strategist or Grinder, and which path is best suited to you. - I’ll even discuss tips on how to find your passion if needed. This talk and discussion is based on my newly released book, 'How To Create an Income Without Working a Boring Job'. In effect, it will be the launch night for the book as, by this time, I will have some paperback copies printed and ready to sell. There'll also be lively member discussion as we share insights on what has, and hasn't, worked for us. The talk is free but please bring some cash if you wish to purchase the book. We're back at the Royal Festival Hall for this talk as the We Work building was booked out for November. However, we will be there in December for our Xmas Party and 2019 goal planning session, so look out for the date soon. I look forward to seeing you on the 28th, Joe

Royal Festival Hall

Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XX · London

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    This isn't your ordinary personal development group. Yes, the focus is how to live a successful life but we're not going by societies definition of success. Don't come if you want to learn how to climb the corporate ladder and make loads of money. Do come if you want to realise your potential, make a living doing something you love and increase the amount of happiness in your life.

    Monthly meetings will focus on the different facets of achieving authentic success. Each month we'll choose a concept essential to your growth and explain how to use it so you can make real changes in your life. The meet up will be interactive with members sharing stories and experiences, experimenting with new techniques and learning strategies to create positive change. The idea is to create a club of friends who support each other in their continued growth.

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    The group is run by Joe Barnes, author of the book, 'Escape The System' and upcoming release, 'How to Create an Income Without Working a Boring Job'. Joe has worked as a hypnotherapist, tennis coach, speaker and coach throughout a career committed to helping people succeed on their own terms.

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