• Special Event: How to Achieve an Impossible Dream (with Sam Jalloh)

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    Have you ever felt that your dream or goal is impossible to achieve?

    Does it seem like the obstacles facing you are insurmountable?

    If so, then you need to hear Sam Jalloh’s incredible life story.

    Sam is a war survivor (he grew up during the Sierra Leonean civil war in the 90s), ex-Sierra Leonean national tennis player, a professional tennis coach, Tedx Speaker, winner of the BBC Inspirations Awards 2020, globe trotter, and Author of the memoir, “How Tennis Saved my Life.”

    Sam's story is exceptional because EVERYTHING was against him achieving his dream of becoming a professional tennis player and escaping the civil war in Sierra Leone. He faced;

    • A lack of equipment (he first started playing tennis with his hands, no shoes and, once he acquired a racket, the string was made from fishing nets for sharks!!!)
    • Severe reprimands and objections from his father
    • Having to train while a civil war that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives raged all around him
    • Watching his best friend being gunned down beside him while at a local tennis club
    • Having to flee Sierra Leone to pursue his tennis dream, face a life and death border crossing and being thrown in a Gambian jail

    Although Sam had everything against him, and his dream was seemingly impossible to achieve, he succeeded. Through making this extraordinary journey, he's learned, first hand, everything there is to know about mental toughness, motivation and achieving the impossible.

    On the night of the 11th, he'll share this knowledge with you in a fascinating talk covering his life story and everything he's learned along the way.


    You'll also hear from author and hypnotherapist (and founder of Success Club) Joe Barnes who will be giving his popular, "Why you have a 66% Chance of Living your Dreams" talk.

    Here, he'll explore the common misconceptions about achieving something extraordinary with your life and why any dream you have is more achievable than you think.

    Drawing on the extensive research he's undertaken for his 3 books, and the practical experiences of years spent helping people unlock their full potential through his work as a hypnotherapist, Joe will provide you with some fascinating insights into the psychology of achievement and reveal the number 1 thing that stops people from realising their dreams.

    With these two inspiring speakers, and authors, taking the stage on one night, you'll discover;

    • An extraordinary and inspiring life story, guaranteed to motivate you to achieve your own goals
    • How you can succeed despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles standing in your way
    • Why most people fail at living their dreams and how taking one simple step can help you avoid becoming one of them
    • How to develop the mental strength needed to stop other people from killing your dreams

    • Both authors will be signing copies of their books on the night and you can buy them at a discounted rate


    To attend this one of a kind event, RSVP below.

    If you sign up before the 21st September, you'll receive the early bird discount rate of just £10 for the evening. After that, the price will increase to £15.


    6.30 - 6.50 - Arrive, take your seats and a chance to chat with other Success Club members
    6.50 - 7.15 - Joe Barnes presents his "Why you have a 66% Chance of Living your Dreams" Talk
    7.15 - 7.30 - Interlude, chance to chat with other Success Club members and buy a drink or food from the bar
    7.30 - 8.15 - Sam Jalloh presents his "How Tennis Saved my Life" talk
    8.15 - 8.30 - Q and A with Sam and Joe
    8.30 - 8.45 - Book signing with Sam and Joe and clearing up
    8.45 onwards - Head to the bar upstairs for further socialising, drinks and food (but if you have to leave earlier, feel free to go whenever you want)


    Instructions for reaching the venue from Southfields Tube Station (the nearest underground connection) are above. Bear in mind that once you reach the venue, you'll need to walk up the drive for about 50 meters, take a left and then access The Garden Room (where the event is taking place) by walking along the side of the clubhouse to your right, until you see a conservatory style room on the corner of the clubhouse (you can't miss it). We'll be inside.

    If you're travelling by car, there'll be plenty of spaces in the car park (free) which you can access by taking a left 50 meters after entering the premises. There'll be overflow parking on the other side of the clubhouse if you need it. (See paragraph above for info on finding The Garden Room)