What we're about

Are you in the crypto industry? Then join us. There are many companies worldwide that are relocating the business here, so let’s meet together and see what we can do as one.

About the group managers: We have been in the crypto industry for a while, we had a big mining farm of Ethereum a while ago before the last winter and also we have created a wallet/exchange called http://www.mercury.cash (Mercury Cash) feel free to visit the website or download the app in iOS or android.

Mercury Cash got the first money transmitter license in Florida State in US. for Ethereum, we are in love with the vision statement of Estonia and thats why we are relocating here. we would love to start meeting the people who are innovating and take crypto currencies as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Beers after work and talk about crypto

Põhjala Brewery

Let's have a couple of beers in an informal way to talk about crypto and know each other. FYI: This is not a super event, with registration, email, or personal info, this is only to talk and know each other, we are not here to sell something or convince you of one product. After the first meetup we will think about a formal place to present us in a formal way and have 5 min pitch. Looking forward to meet you and have drinks

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