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Bikers and adventurers: See Bali the way it was intended to be seen. Experience the island of gods from the midst of deep green rice fields, clear mountain tops, the deep blue seaside and villages no tourists ever see. Stumble upon magic Balinese ceremonies, farmers, fishermen and artists going after their crafts in traditional ways. Cycle at sunrise, at sunset and in-between – through some of the most epic landscapes, deep forests, volcanoes, and vistas you’ll ever see. Start your days with the sun, having breakfast overlooking rice paddies and end it at a sea-side villa watching the tropical sunset, enjoying locally grown, caught, and prepared fresh produce, after a cooling swim in the sea and a soothing massage or spa treatment. Visit exquisite temples, climb up a volcano at sunrise, relax in natural hot springs and have the best and most deserved sleep since you were a child. Visit an artisanal chocolate factory, try your hand at producing your own coconut oil and snorkel or scuba dive a WWII wreck.

After 3 years of intense exploration, finding unique experiences and untouched landscapes, cycling trails for athletes as well as leisure cyclists, The Epic Bali Ride is back for a 4th edition. It will take us on a week-long journey through Bali and show a side of this island less than 1% of people, including the locals here will ever experience.

Have a look around and join this meetup to show your interest. More details will follow.

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The Epic Bali Ride 4: June 22 - 28

Denpasar City

Pre-sign up Q&A session for TEBAR 4

Singapore Botanic Gardens

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