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What we’re about

This group is for those who enjoy hiking and exploring different parts of our amazing city, surrounding neighborhoods and local parks, with other friendly and like minded folks. We'll discuss some interesting facts and fables while exploring, such as; local history, future developments, neighborhood businesses, architecture, folklore,...  Hikes will include a combination of the following: sunrise, sunset, evening lights, rivers, supporting local watering holes, conversations, meeting new folks, ..., and memorable experiences. These hikes will focus on safety and enjoyment while exploring, but you will be hiking at your own risk, so please lookout for your safety and those around you!  A photo is required when signing up so we'll recognize you when attending our hikes, not that we don't enjoy seeing pictures of your family, friends, pets, ... and memorable experiences. 
Because of the large size of this group and the popularity of some events, we have changed the selection process of who attends. We limit the first half of attending members to those who sign up first. The second half of the group is for members to be brought over from the waitlist, which includes; leaders, host, those who attend regularly and all who bring positive energy. If you are a regular 'no-show', or this event is not appropriate for you, we'll remove you from the "going' list.

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