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This group is for those who enjoy hiking and exploring different parts of our amazing city, surrounding neighborhoods and local parks, with other friendly and like minded folks. We'll discuss some interesting facts and fables while exploring, such as; local history, future developments, neighborhood businesses, architecture, folklore,...  Hikes will include a combination of the following: sunrise, sunset, evening lights, rivers, supporting local watering holes, conversations, meeting new folks, ..., and memorable experiences. These hikes will focus on safety and enjoyment while exploring, but you will be hiking at your own risk, so please lookout for your safety and those around you!  A photo is required when signing up so we'll recognize you when attending our hikes, not that we don't enjoy seeing pictures of your family, friends, pets, ... and memorable experiences. 
Because of the large size of this group and the popularity of some events, we have changed the selection process of who attends. We limit the first half of attending members to those who sign up first. The second half of the group is for members to be brought over from the waitlist, which includes; leaders, host, those who attend regularly and all who bring positive energy. If you are a regular 'no-show', or this event is not appropriate for you, we'll remove you from the "going' list.

Upcoming events (2)

BEYOND CBUS, The Dawes Arboretum

7770 Jacksontown Rd

'Exploring Columbus by Foot', 'Beyond Series', will take us to The Dawes Arboretum, Newark Ohio

This event requires lots of walking, up and down hills, so please make sure you're up for 4+ miles at 2.8 mph.

Dawes is a beautiful park spread over 2000 acres of rolling hills and scenic vistas. Their plant collection includes over 16,000 living trees, shrubs and flowers from all over the world, and most of them are labeled, so you won't need to rely on your leaders memory :-) The tranquil Japanese Garden has recently been completely renovated and the pond includes large colorful Koi fish and turtles. The spring blossoms should be in full bloom, including a variety of wild flowers scattered throughout the woods, to magnolia trees, and many more. There's a good potential of seeing many types of birds as we hike through meadows, woods, around lakes and through open fields. Leopold Wind Sculptures spinning in the wind are entertaining and relaxing to watch while strolling along the whimsical nature trail.

We should take about 2+ hours, based on our speed and talking. If there are enough members attending, we'll divide into subgroups based on speed, with the slower group traveling a shorter distance. Because of the hilly terrain, there will be some good cardio. Please wear clothes appropriate for a wide range of walking surfaces; from pavement to single file dirt trail through the woods, and everything in between, and hiking poles/sticks are beneficial. It's always good to have water and a snack. Please arrive a few minutes early.

Dawes is a private Arboretum and cost $10 per person. The good news is Dawes has a reciprocal entry policy with other Arboretum and Conservatory (Franklin Park) memberships (free) with a proof of membership. You can be included on other participants membership (member plus one) if your riding in the same car. I recommend visiting Dawes' website for your education and ticket purchases. If you feel comfortable carpooling, I recommend it, based on you following CDC guidelines.

WEATHER: Because we are scheduling beyond a reliable weather forecast, we may need to reschedule if the weather is not conducive to hiking!

These hikes are intended for your enjoyment and safety, if for any reason you are uncomfortable with your surroundings, please notify me immediately! And we don't tolerate inappropriate behavior!

We’ll follow the Governor’s COVID guidelines.

Legal Stuff: The event hosts are just fellow member volunteers, not your hiking guides or guru. By participating in this event, you assume all risks of liability and injury inherent in hiking activities. You are responsible for your own safety and for determining if you are in condition fit to participate. If you have doubts, you should consult your doctor.. You are also responsible for knowing and abiding by all laws and hiking rules during your participation on this hike. By participating in this event, you agree to the hiking MeetUp legal waiver here: https://daytonhikers.com/waiver/

Everything Old is New Again - Olde Towne East

Gemüt Biergarten

Let's take a journey back though time to visit Olde Town East. We will see the magnificent architecture of beautifully restored homes and hear some history about Olde Towne's development and the important people who lived there. This tour will be a longer one; there will be about 3 miles of walking and the tour itself really will last about three hours. There will be an opportunity for a restroom break half way through the tour. Trees shall shade most of our walk.

Be sure to bring your cameras! And if you have a book you enjoyed but no longer want, we will pass by two Free Little Libraries. 😊


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PADDLING SERIES: Hoover Reservoir, Sunset, Full Moon & Star Gazing

Oxbow Boat Ramp, Hoover Reservoir

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