What we're about

This group is for the enthusiast and the nonenthusiast alike - I feel as if there is a sore lack of structure when it comes to publicly available access to virtual reality and augmented reality in the DFW area. My hope is that this will be a comfortable and unintimidating way for people with any background to learn about cutting edge technology and how it applies to their lives and careers. Or you can just come in and have some fun playing VR games!

We will be exploring the worlds of virtual and augmented reality, with the help of local VR arcades, maker spaces, and my own expertise. I will be offering free VR playtime to anyone who is interested, in the format of a Meetup group, and look forward to chatting with folks about all this emerging technology. I’m very open to suggestions.

After the first one or two meetings, there will be more themed meetings, such as “VR and AR in the Healthcare Industry”, “Wearable Technology”, “Oculus Night”, etc., but free use of high end virtual reality equipment and facilitating community interaction amongst all expertise levels will remain my priority.

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