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What we’re about

Come join me your host Donald Gordon Carty, and others of like mind, and be inspired. Tap into your heart, where people like you gather to explore, laugh, and cry as we watch in awe and with wonder mind-stretching films followed by Q&A and discussion in Barrie ON. Together, let’s create wo/mankinds greatest leap to awakened consciousness – through cinema.
Here's What People Are Saying About This Meetup;

“ Excellent group, thank you for the movie and warm discussion. ”
— Susannah on Sep 5, 
“ This is the perfect group I have been looking for. I am so thankful to be meeting my tribe! ”
— Barbara Rose Lee on Aug 28, 
“ I appreciated the group's honest and heart felt discussion. ”
— Brenda Curry on Aug 14, 
“ Always learn something worthwhile and uplifting each time ”
— Elaine on Jul 19, 
“ The movie was wonderful and the conversation offered lots of food for thought ... I will be back! ;-) ”

— Darlene on Feb 28, 
“ Great and supportive.  Fantastic people to meet for the first timers that we were. ”
— Scott Kruszka on Feb 19, 
“ Wonderful diverse group. ”
— Cindy Sanchez on Jan 11, 
“ Great Movie. Great People. I am glad I found you all. You can never have to many peeps. :) ”
— Diane Russell on Jan 11, 
“ I love this group. Always look forward to seeing new faces and familiar ones too. The discussions are so uplifting and inspiring. Learn something new every time. ”
— Grace on Sep 13,
“ Enlightening! ”
— Christy on Jul 14, 
“ I enjoyed meeting with wonderful & quality people there. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful time with me. ”
— K. Angel on Jun 14, .
“ great! Wonderful group of Awakeners! ”

— anna barnett on Jan 26, 
“ A very positive group of folks, very supportive/collaborative environment. ”
— Laura Angley on Jan 12, 
“ Awesome! Enlightening! Soul lifting! ”

— Francine on Oct 29, 
“ I enjoyed meeting Donald and the other members of the Meetup Group today. Very thought-provoking movie and stimulating discussion. I can't wait for the next activity! ”
— Allison F. on Oct 27, 
“ So Great!! Donald does an amazing job of teaching us and having good control of the class room. ”
— Pam Davis on Sep 12, 
“ Donald Gordon Carty is a gift to our spiritual world. In this meeting format, he captures our hearts with amazing videos and then leads great discussions as the movie relates to each of us personally. ”

— Michael Basch on Apr 7, 
“ This is awesome! Thanks, Donald, for having this meet up group in Suwanee. ”

— Joy Grant on Mar 16, 
“ It was my first time meeting with awaken. I thought everyone was engaged and very respectful. I look forward to meeting again. ”

— Jennie Busic on Oct 29, 
— Melissa Van Soelen on Oct 29, 
“ Had my "Ah ha" moment! Could watch this one again! ”
— Kelly Smith on Oct 14, 
“ Very good. ”
— Ed Greenburgh on Sep 26, 
“ This was my first meeting. I look forward to more in the same vein. My journey is becoming richer through groups such as this. ”
— Cheron Long-Landes on Feb 13, 
We’re not just cinema! awaken will also share with you expert practitioners, healers, scientists, speakers, performers, artists, musicians and new thought leaders. We offer a "Reel to Real" “View and Do”  Healing series of screening events that will encourage you to more deeply integrate a movie’s message into your life and a Workshop Series- Shift Happens: The Art and Science of Change.