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This is a group for people who know longer believe per se, but miss singing hymns.

Sometimes when I am having Randy Travis play on Alexa, or sometimes when I am washing the dishes, or in a walk, strains from these songs appear. I miss them. Great is thy faithfulness, morning has broken, blessed assurance, come thou fount of many blessings, and the list goes on.

I was a Christian for many years. Hymns were, and still are, deep-seated in my bones. Now as an adult, who passed from Christianity to agnosticism to atheism, I miss these hymns. My relationship with them is bittersweet. I find them evocative and lovely, even if I no longer ascribe to their messages literally.

Does anyone else miss hymns? Would you like to get together to sing them, sort of like in the olden days, but in a new way? We can honor where we came, while revisiting these hymns and enjoying each other’s company, on different ground

Let’s try this out!

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