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What we’re about

Our aim is to sing to people at the end of their life, at home, in a hospice or hospital or wherever they happen to be.

In our small, informal and welcoming group we sing some of the core repertoire of Companion Voices which are very simple harmonies and rounds.

during our sessions, we sing for each other, letting go of any worry about the songs, harmonies or other practicalities, simply focusing on sharing comfort and companionship. We imagine ourselves at a bedside, and take turns being sung to, receiving that gift of attention and compassion. We then talk about how it was to sing and be sung to, using those feelings and experiences to prepare for when we're called out to sing.

Having come to a session to see if it's a 'good fit', Companions commit to paying for two sessions a month at a cost of around £20 per month if it's within their means. This cost covers the hall hire, light refreshments and a session with the founder of Companion Voices Judith Silver, who will help us with our core songs and introduce new ones into the group. If you are drawn to doing this work, do not allow cost to stop you from attending but instead, please speak with one of the core members about this.

It's important to understand that these are not drop-ins: to create the trust between Companions and the deep familiarity with each other and the songs that we need to do this sacred work, there has to be a steady group - though new members are always welcome up to a maximum of sixteen per group.

Please note that no money ever changes hands when we go to a bedside to sing: that is where all our work leads to and it is a freely given gift. To find out more about us, please visit