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Hey Everyone - Haven't updated this in over 6 months so felt like this would be a good opportunity to do that after last weekend. The goal of our group is to play pick-up soccer that values FRIENDSHIP and QUALITY overall. We achieve this by encouraging each other and most of all having fun. We attempt to increase quality of play by making team selections based of player position as to have some relevant shape/formation for each team and playing on small sided fields (6 v 6 or 7 v7). This style of play keeps the ball moving with quick passes and yes 1 v 1 isolation opportunities.

We are open to all skill levels we just ask that you come out with a good attitude and again value the Friendship and quality aspect of our group.

Some rules that I'd like to share so people know what we are about and we can keep games moving especially as we continue to grow.

1. Chase your out of bounds - you kick you chase it (Please don't make me fetch all the balls at the end)

2. Ball out of Play - Kick ins if you are going backwards, throw in if forward. Basically there are no free corner kicks from a throw in position, but if you are resetting feel free to kick it in and keep the game moving.

3. Ball out of Play - No whining, if two players don't agree on who the ball went out on the player defending gets the ball. Again, we want the ball doing the moving in this group.

4. Fouls - Call your own fouls if you commit the foul just own up to it help your buddy up and keep playing. All fouls are a indirect free kick.

5. Penalty Kicks - If a fould a particularly bad (like a late slide or hand ball in front of net) a penalty is awarded - opposite teams picks your shooter you get a free shot from half field no defenders and we keep playing.

6. Goalies - We play on pugs goals - Yes you may have a last defender and they can sit deep, but they are NOT allowed to be in goal. This is really a no brainer, but please step into the field and play, the games are unenjoyable if there are goalies. Easy rule of thumb if your are within 1 yard (~3ft) of the goals in any direction your to close. If you choose to drop to the goal instead of close down an attacker you are a goalie.

7. Have fun !

We play 3 games with 6 teams and rotate 3x per session on Sundays so you play three 25 minute games. It really is a blast and we have a terrific group of players!

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