What we're about

This is a martial arts study group located in Montgomery County Maryland just outside of Washington DC. We train either at my house or in a local park, both of which are along Rock Creek. Our emphasis is on developing skills in both Marcaida Kali and Kali Ilustrisimo. We also at times train Panatukan/Filipino Martial Boxing and will mix in some of Lyte Burly's "52 Blocks" as well as some Wing Chun. As we develop skills we will be using them in some progressive weapons sparring. First and foremost, we have fun! Consider coming out and joining us!

As the winter season forces us indoors where it is hard to swing a stick we will be shifting gears a bit. We are going to focus on knife-work, and particularly on the good ole American Bowie Knife! I have trained a lot of Bowie Knife methods in the past and we will further explore how Kali Illustrisimo techniques can be adapted to the Bowie Knife. I have started putting up some instructional videos, which you can find by searching on both Facebook and on Youtube for "Bowie Knife Connection." If this is something you are interested in training with us a regular basis just eMail me at: kmyers 3770 @ aol.com

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