What we're about

Beneath the mask of the modern man there is a tribesman yearning for connection and healing.

This is a group for the conscious men out there. Now we recognise that not everyone is ready to join us, for many are still hiding from their pain, and that's ok.

For we have faith that when those men are ready, when those men are ripe, that they will find us but until then we want to bring together only the conscious and the awake. Those that are ready to take ownership of their pain, rise up through the dirt and flourish, into their godly purpose.

This is a group for men who are on the path of self mastery or who feel the calling to rise up and change things.

This is a group for men who are feeling isolated and want to connect with a tribe of authentic and encouraging brothers.

I am Lewis McDonnell, creator of Rising Men. I will be moving down to Brighton/Hove by spring time 2019 when I will officially launch our first men's meet up.

My plans for the group are:

- free social meet ups for men to connect
- morning group running/work outs
- meditation group
- 1 to 1 men's support sessions for emotional and psychological issues (available now via www.risingmen.co.uk)

** This group has been created early to allow men to join in readiness for our first group gathering. This however will not be until Spring time 2019.

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