What we're about

This group is for anyone! Younger, older, male, female, whatever. Just people looking to get out and do stuff. The group decides what to do - whether that be going out to dinner, kayaking, a movie, rock climbing - anything we want!

As the calendar of events gets planned, choose what you want to attend. Suggestions of things to try out are what makes this group go. This is a group for anyone looking for good times, new adventures, and meeting new people. The only requirements are a positive attitude and an open mind.

Upcoming events (4+)

Dancing Under The Stars! The Remains at Chamberlin Park! Music starts at 7:00

Location visible to members

Join us as we take over Chamberlin Park for this event! Our meetup friends from Fifty Plus Singles will be there too! Bring your lawn chairs, a blanket, and be prepared to dance!


Music starts at 7:00. Be there early to get a good seat. Park along the railroad tracks.

The band will be playing underneath a covered picnic shelter with plenty of room for dancing. See the photo above!

The Remains are one of the tri-state area's most popular cover bands, performing everything from Bruno Mars to The Beatles.

All sales of raffle tickets, food and beer are to benefit the park. Hot dogs, beer, soft drinks available.

Spring Grove Cemetery Walk

Needs a location

Join us for a walk through Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum.

We walk 4-5 miles at a moderate pace and there are a fair number of hills, but it is all paved. If you are new to walking, this is not the walk for you.

Dress appropriately for the weather.

Spring Grove does not permit animals.

There is a restroom in the administration building accessible before and after the walk. There are no facilities during the walk.

We frequently go out for lunch after the walk.

Euchre Tuesday at The Game (new venue)

Needs a location

New Venue

Progressive style euchre.
Get together with old friends and make a few new ones. One thing we all have in common is our love of the game of euchre.

This is a fast paced game night for those who already know how to play euchre.
Come early (6:30ish) to complete the registration.
The bar is open for dinner and drinks

Please RSVP and cancel if you sign up and then cannot attend. Please note that there are times when other players may show up that have not RSVP'd through meetup, so total number of players on meetup is often not accurate or up to date.

There is plenty of parking here.

For Tuesday Euchre @ Big Ash Brewery

$5 buy in. All money collected will be split between high scorers at the end of the night (-5% for supplies)
25cents for a euchre (All Euchre money will distributed on game night.)


If you do not like one of these rules, or want to add new ones, clarify, or change one, please let us know.


  2. Each round will consist of either 3 players (all playing alone) or 4 players (2 teams) playing each other
  3. In the event of an odd number, some participants may need to sit out a round (see #8 below) If needed a table of 3 may be played.
    (Directions will be given if 3 player game is needed)
  4. Table and Partner assignments for each round will go by the seating chart that is based on total number of players for the evening.
  5. Each round is 8 hands. Each player deals twice. No stealing the deal. Play ends after every person has dealt twice (tables may not reach a score of 10 for each round)
  6. We will typically play 8 games.
  7. Play is S.T.D. (stick the dealer) after 7 consecutive PASSES in a hand the dealer HAS to call trump.
  8. Players going alone must declare that they are going alone before the first card is played.
  9. BYE players (not playing a round) shall receive 7 pts on their scorecards for each game they sit out.
  10. At least 1 player from each team must be present to begin dealing.
  11. The first Dealer for the round is determined by dealing cards until 1st blackjack is uncovered. The person getting the first blackjack is the first dealer.
  12. A cut must be offered to the RHO (right hand opponent).
  13. Deal clockwise in 2's and 3's.
  14. Any cards that are exposed during the deal forces a re-deal. Same dealer re-deals.
  15. A player with a hand of all 9’s and 10’s can ask for a redeal before play has started.
  16. For a euchre on a regular hand (a team fails to take in 3 tricks on a deal where they called trump), 2 points is awarded to the other team.
    For a euchre on a loner the other team will get 4 points.
  17. For a Euchre each player on the team that was Euchred will pay 25 cents to be awarded at the end of the night . For a loner only the player going alone will pay.
  18. A renege (playing out of turn, leading out of turn, playing the wrong suit, etc) must be corrected immediately before the next card is played, or raked in, or be penalized (renege = 2 pts for other team).

Hellzapoppin circus show

Needs a location

A cool show. We will meet bit early. Show starts at 8:00. We meet around 7pm.

Tickets here https://www.cincyticket.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=5644


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Cards and Board Game Night! (RSVP please)

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