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What we’re about

Hi! I am DudeistJon and I lucked into running this group. We are NOT a dating group. We are a group for any good human that wants to get out and do things, just not alone. The only requirements are a friendly spirit.

I want to play pickleball
I want to try a new restaurant.
I want to to see a movie.
I want to go hiking.
I want to _____________________.

If you have ever said anything like that, come join us. Our members, decide what we do.

As the calendar of events gets planned, read the events and sign up to attend things that interest you.

Have an idea for an event? Suggestions of things to try out are what makes this group go.

If you would like to organize an event or need help with anything MeetUp related, please just send me (DudeistJon) a text message at 513-713-1358. Messages through Meetup don't work so well so please call/text that number. I really am happy to help you.

Please be a good human. Last minute cancelations and no shows aren't nice. If you sign up for an event, show up. If you have to cancel, please do it in advance and remember to change your RSVP.

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