What we're about

DAMSELFLIES is an inclusive group for all those who identify as female and want to associate/connect with kindred spirits

• women
• crossdressers
• transgender/transfeminine/translesbian
• genderfluid/gender non-conforming
• non-binary
• femme-of-center

Whether you consider yourself

• soft butch
• hard femme
• lipstick lesbian
• transdyke
• somewhere in between
• somewhere totally off the continuum

Whether you wear

• flannel shirts, jeans, ski cap, and sneakers
• dresses, heels, and lipstick
• boi clothes
• outfits of your own design

Whether you're cis or trans, transitioning or transitioned, kinky or vanilla, kitten or puppygirl: if you identify as female (even if only part-time or internally) and feel a strong affinity for and kinship with other women - then we'd like to hang out with you and chill, socialize, have fun.

I want to start the group off with an NY/NJ (North Jersey) geographic focus because… honestly, we need more cool things happening in Jersey. Casual low-pressure (monthly?) meetups for coffee, drinks, brunch or munch. And we'll take it from there. The emphasis will be on social connection but that doesn't mean we can't talk about deeper things.

We're not seeking to supplant or replace existing groups that already have a strong sense of community behind them. The intent is to supplement and augment those groups, and to bring together a diverse population that shares a mindset and attitude I call "estrogenous". (It's not a word I invented but I'm laying claim to it.)

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