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Hello & A very warm Welcome to ‘Who Am I?’

The journey of discovering Who you really are can be scary, inspiring & amazing & so much more . . .

So, our groups create & hold a warm, safe environment, amongst like-minded people.

Awareness & the raising of Consciousness are essential gifts which allow the flowing of a joyful, creative & youthful life.

So the topics we look at are about life & You & how to gain insight from the discussions & each other’s experiences. We are all on a journey & sharing is so important. . .

‘Who Am I ?’ Discussion groups currently meet monthly in Oundle @ The Talbot & The Bazaar Cafe.

We have decided to add a few ‘Pop-up’ meetings too, so keep looking!

The groups are small & you are welcome to join us as you find the need for that Good Company, that is so enjoyable & helpful from time to time.

So do keep an eye on our events, topics & feedback & of course come along!

Upcoming events (3)

“Who Am I?” Oundle- ‘The Winter Blues & You’

Coffee@The Bazaar,

How often do you hear, “ I always feel low in the winter months” or “I always get a cold in winter.” Or “I dread the darker months”, when actually it’s quite normal to have a winter season in this country. Sometimes we almost make ourselves low because that’s how we’ve always felt after the festive period. . . But it’s also true that many of us suffer depression during the darker months. So, we will look at our mindset & it’s effect. . . How perhaps we can ‘self-heal’ & what actually is ‘Wholeness & Healing’. . . We will also be joined by Gemma Coppard, Who will introduce us to the powers of essential oils for lifting the mood & warding off negative thoughts & general winter care. . . Do join us for an uplifting time, with a great bunch of like-minded people. £2 ( refreshments not included).

‘Who Am I?’ Oundle “Living & Dying Well”

The Snug Room @ The Talbot Hotel,

Last year we visited this topic for discussion. It was so popular & thoroughly interesting, that I promised to bring the topic back for another discussion evening as there was so much more to visit. Death & Dying are subjects that people shy away from, they are ‘hush hushed’ away. Why? One sure thing is that if you’ve been born, you will surely die at some point. Part of the problem around death is that because it’s not spoken about, we know very little about it. If we knew more, we would feel more comfortable around people who are dying & we’d have more peace of mind ourselves. So, do come & join us, if you feel you’d like to know more or if you have experience you can share on this most natural topic. We will visit how to live a fuller life & how to approach our last days with dignity & freedom of mind. £5 to include refreshments & an upbeat, comfortable evening with lovely people. . .

‘Who Am I? ‘ WANSFORD “Finding You!”

‘The Wansford Country Lounge’,

Once your journey of discovery commences you are keen to venture on & find out so much more. Knowing where to look is most helpful to find the real you. It becomes so important to find ways to help gain energy, strength & resilience. To be encouraged to practice gaining more & more awareness. Knowing & sensing what you are not are just as important. So why not join us for a talk & discussion. Great company & a very comfortable venue. £2.50 (refreshments not included).

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‘Who Am I?’ Oundle “LOVE LOVE LOVE”

The Snug Room @ The Talbot Hotel,

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