What we're about

Reactive meetups Brno strive to create a community of developers around all cutting-edge mobile and web tech stacks. We like applications that are useful and easy to maintain!

Our meetups are organized every month with a different speaker and different technology - React, Redux, Clojure, GraphQL, ELM,… We strive to bring the diversity and warmly welcome every JavaScript lover - come and learn something new with us!

During a meetup, we have a 1-hour long presentation in English and then you can grab an opportunity to talk with speaker and other attendees during networking time. 🍕 and 🍺 included!

Our partner for these meetups is CSOB.


Reactive Meetups Europe are accompanying events to an annually-organized Reactive

Conf https://reactiveconf.com/

Located in the heart of Europe, we embrace diversity of thought and give a snapshot of what’s coming next in web and mobile development.

3 days | 2 stages | 1100+ attendees | 50+ top-notch speakers

You can check our Youtube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBHdUnixTWymmXBIw12Y8Qg ) for last years’ presentations.

Join and help us to create a new universe!

Past events (15)

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#9 Reactive Online Meetups|GraphQL experience

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